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Rappelz Guide: Champion(rappelz rupees)


In Rappelz, the Champion is one of the two second Job Classes of the Fighter in the Gaia Race. The Champion excels in Hand to hand and melee combat, Focusing mainly on large 2 Handed axes or dual axes. Compared with a Fighter, Champions have increased HP, and slightly increased MP, as well as no Archery Skills, and instead, higher damage dealing axe based attack skills.

The Champion is seldom a match, however, for Mages, but will easily defeat Melee or Archery based monsters of a higher level. When it comes to Dungeon Parties, Champions are preference, because of their high defence bonuses and healing skills, as well as their ability to self increase their vitality skill. To get the best out of Socketing, suggested stones are those of your level(Rappelz gold) at least, which are of: Strength, and Vitality or Health.

Here we list you some stones you should use in this game, as Dexterity is for Archers, Intelligence is for Summoners, Agility is for Asuran Magicians, and Wisdom is also for Magicians. Intel and Wis rare type stones are useful for champions if they enjoy spamming skills(rappelz rupees). Pets that best combine with Champions are: Skeletons for Champions using a 2 Handed Axe, Hawks, for those using dual Axes, Kentauros, for either, or a Blue or Red Pixie, for the Buffs, Attack Skills, Healing Skills, and the Debuffs they can provide. The best kind of weapon build for a champion would probably be dual axes as a pose to a two handed axe, because they provide more total P. Atk and are quicker than a two handed axe.

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