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Rappelz Announces Solus Aurum And Free In-Game Item Packs!


The folks over at Rappelz have sent us an announcement about some new in game item packs they're giving out for the expansion of Solus Aurum!

Here's more on the expansion and some of the cool things you can do in Rappelz:

We invite you to delve into the world of Rappelz, an MMORPG featuring beautiful 3D graphics, a unique creature-taming system, and your choice among three different races and fifteen distinctive classes. Who says that you need the right job to carry a vicious pet by your side? Our players are encouraged to tame their own creatures rappelz rupees – not just for a fancy decoration like all of the other games, but to actually fight monsters and slaughter bad guys. Whether you want a rooster or a koala, an angel or a salamander, or even just an overgrown hawk that can carry a huge axe, Rappelz will have it all – for free.

This October, witness the most extravagant installment up to date: Solus Aurum. Test your bravery against the Sanctuary – these ancient ruins were once thriving for a golden tribe that worshipped the sun. However, even the most valiant explorers who have stepped foot in this dungeon quickly met their maker.rappelz rupees

What's burning us up with the most excitement? New pets! Now players can fight alongside the blood-sucking Octopus, the lovely Naga and the powerful Genie. For the softer side in all of us, players can also keep a decorative White Moon Rabbit, a Cookies 'n' Cream Moon Rabbit, or a lustrous Golden Moon Rabbit.

Special offer for users new to Rappelz, enter this key in for a free starter pack: GAJC-N0NW-IW00-0001

Items in Starter Pack
Red Potion x20 Increase HP
Blue Potion x20 Increase MP
Roasted Egg x10 Recover 150 HP over 30 seconds rappelz gold
Spring Water x10 Recover 150 HP over 30 seconds
Trainee SS x2 Reserve Stamina for 1 Hr.
Red Ornitho (15 day) x1 Mount
Sun Rabbit (15 day) x1 Pet
Hidden Village Pass (7 Days)
This is a ticket to enter Hidden Village. In Hidden Village you can buy NPC items cheaper, teleport to your favorite locations, and the exchange rate for Lak is higher. You will also be able to rent an Ornito or Lydian that lasts 72 hours. While in possession of the pass you will recover twice as much stamina online and offline.rappelz rupee

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