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Maps of Dungeon Mob Rappelz


Dear players, glad to see you in Rappelz, these information is about mob details in Rappelz. hope can help you. 74 Citron patrols from the ice bridge, set con 1 as an example.

The first 6 Mob Rooms are:
1): 70 Small Crusty
71 Anatema Ranger
72 Nimble Crusty
73 Nimble Crusty
74 Anatema Fighter
75 Anatema Warrior

2): 73 Anatema Avenger
74 Anatema Berserker
75 Anatema Tyrant
76 Shining Orbit
78 Wandering Orbit - Patrols room

3): 79 Destructive Orbit
80 Retaliating Orbit

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